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Industrial Flooring Equipment

Industrial Flooring Equipment

Industrial Flooring Equipment

Software plataform

*Included in the price of the equipment is the license to use the applications for an indefinite period.

One single user App for all devices, available for IOS and AND mobiles

APP main functionalities:

  • Identification and validation of users
  • Synchronisation with the devices via Bluetooth
  • Process flow management: calibration, identification of project and measurement area, real time data logging, visual and sound indications according to values, real time data visualisation, sending of information to back end management
  • Trainig tools and cerftification

Project and client management

  • Measurement projects
  • Results reports and visualization

Equipment Management

  • Remote Firmware update and control
  • Incident tickets generation
  • Usage metrics for preventive or corrective mainteinance

AI functionalities
Access profile management

Technical specifications


  • Multi-language: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, ….
  • Multi-standar: ASTM-E-1155 floor flatness levelness Ff & Fl; TR34 floor flatness levelness E & F
  • Easy and quick graphic visualization of the measurements done


  • Centralized information management allowing Big Data analysis
  • AI tools quality oriented and best practices identification
  • Cloud computing: 24×7 and 99,95% disponibility
  • Accesible world wide


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